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Second Moot Court Competition For Jordanian Universities – Knights Of Justice 2016

Rasheed – Transparency International, in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, launches the second moot court competition for Jordanian universities. This competition aims to refine the practical skills of law students in Jordanian universities, related to courts fair and just procedures. It also aims to have a platform for students to deal with judges, which should enable them in the future engage in the judicial work, while reinforcing the national integrity system in Jordan.

The courts will handle the facts of a hypothetical case, and will run according to clear and specific rules. The selected students will undergo a two-day training course, six hour per day, in Amman.

Accordingly, law faculties have been selected from 15 public and private universities to participate in moot court, which will be held in October 2016.

Student who want to participate should visit law faculty deanship in their universities.