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Jordanian Participation In The Anti-Corruption Summit

Rasheed – Transparency International – Jordan, participated in the Anti-Corruption Summit on Thursday, May 12th, based on an invitation of the British Prime Minister David Cameron. The summit aimed to find effective ways for international efforts for fighting corruption. The summit was launched with the participation of leaders and representatives of the governments of 40 countries, including four Arab countries; Jordan, Saudi, UAE, and Tunisia, as well as some international organizations and non-governmental organizations operating in this field.

The leaders participating in the summit signed the first global anti-corruption declaration that provides for “the commitment of the signees on working together against corruption, and acknowledging that corruption undermines the efforts aiming to fight poverty, spread prosperity, and fight terrorism and extremism, as well as fighting corruption in its various forms and locations, and taking actions against those who commit or facilitate corruption acts.

It is worth mentioning that Jordan was the only Arab country with a representative from a civil society organization; Osama Al Azzam, the Chairman of Rasheed, along with the government’s delegation including H.E Dr. Bassam Al Talhouni Minister of Justice, and H.E Mohammed Al Allaf, Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Commission, whom Al Azzam met on the sidelines of the summit. Al Azzam also met representatives from TI chapters and some of the members of the participating delegations.