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Our Mission


Jordan that is solid with a national integrity system


Strengthen the pillars of good governance that are based on integrity and no impunity, reinforced by a social culture that is intolerant of corruption.


  • Enhance the involvement of Jordanian citizens in anti-corruption activities.
  • Support public, private, and local governance institutions against corruption.
  • Enhance the efficiency and independence of control institutions and departments specialized in the field of anti-corruption.
  • Reinforce the integrity of the legislative and judicial authorities.
  • Enhance and reinforce the performance of Rasheed towards achieving its mission and vision.

Rasheed Components:

  1. Component 1: Citizen and Society
  2. Component 2: Institutions
  3. Component 3: Control Institutions
  4. Component 4: Judicial system and the Parliament
  5. Component 5: Rasheed Capacity Building

Our Mission

Vision: Jordan that is solid with a national integrity system

We see all Jordanians in all locations connected through persistence and determination to become a regional and international example of integrity through all society levels. Jordanian citizens are committed to Jordanian authentic values, especially in honesty and courage in fighting offenders and those who do not comply with laws, as well as supporting the offended. All official institutions, civil society organizations, and private institutions abide by laws and legislations governing their operations, while constantly building their capacities in order to perform their roles efficiently. The leadership in these organizations should commit to the highest criteria of transparency, accountability, and integrity. Our children shall live in Jordan that is corruption-free, and they shall enjoy living well, and enjoy Jordan’s land, skies, and water, with all freedom and safety.

Mission: Strengthen the pillars of good governance that are based on integrity and no impunity, reinforced by a social culture that is intolerant of corruption.

We will work with all official institutions, civil society organizations, private sector, experts, and citizens, to be active in supporting the management of public institutions based on real participation, transparency, accountability, and integrity of its employees. We will focus in our work on finding high interest in women, men, youth, and children for protecting themselves first from any behavior that would support corruption, and then fight any form of corruption, each in their own position. We will all seek institutional, public, and international methods to reach all corrupt and hold them accountable within the legal framework of Jordanian legislations that strongly deterrent to all forms of corruption.

We and our partners commit to constantly working to reach the best levels of transparency and accountability in Jordanian institutions, through activating the method of accountability and transparency with the effective participation of citizens, experts, researchers, and media. We realize that the freedom to access information, through publication or disclosure or discussion with the public, is a basic matter for reaching a better method to reinforce the Jordanian integrity system; a system that is capable of corruption eradication, taking into consideration that citizens reached a high level of awareness regarding the risks and causes of corruption, and the impact of corruption on Jordanians’ lives.


Rasheed members, staff, partners, and volunteers believe that the operations of Rasheed arise from our love to Jordan, and our commitment to its constitution and high humanitarian values based on the Arab culture, religion, and human values. We will reinforce this through our commitment to a number of the values that will enable us reach our goals efficiently and effectively.

We adhere to full independence: Our activities, positions, and disclosures arise from national priorities that are reflected through professional national studies, selected by the national partners on the local or national level. Our partnerships with International organizations concerned with development in Jordan are based on building the capacities of Rasheed, and enable it achieve the preset objectives and strategies, without any interference in its priorities.

Our partnerships and work with official institutions, the private sector, and the civil society fall under the framework of coordination, integration, and respect of others, and no institutional issues shall affect the activities or positions of Rasheed.

Courage: We realize that working in the area of anti-corruption requires the efforts and dedication of all the concerned in Rasheed, starting with its members, employees, volunteers, partners, and experts. Work also requires clearly stating our position, directly and boldly, without any compliments related to all files and cases related to the work of Rasheed, whether in diagnostic reports, correspondences, media campaigns, or in the concerned conferences.

Sense of Responsibility: We realize that fighting corruption is the responsibility of everyone, the same as the responsibility of defending the country against any threat. Irrespective of our profession, we commit to including anti-corruption and integrity in our work plan, inside and outside Rasheed, and we all commit to achieving the best results in all work areas.

We collaborate with marginalized groups and segments, and the institutions working to their benefits: We think the less privileged and the poor are the most affected by corruption, and they are the ones in need the most for fighting it. Setting our priorities, we consider the issues that affect marginalized segments, especially women, children, elderly, farmers, badia residents, refugees’ camps, low-paid workers, and people with disabilities and sickness.

We establish real partnerships with organizations concerned with our work: We will ensure that all our partnerships with civil society organizations, donors, or official institutions are based on adding value to collaborative work, rather than to individual work. We will base our partnerships with national institutions on equality and parity, irrespective of available financial resources for any institution, or the authorities granted to the institution and its leaders. This arises from the fact that partnership will not be realized without equality, especially in decision making, and availability of information related to operations and the existing partnership.

We commit to all integrity, transparency, and accountability principles: Our board of directors will constantly work to achieve absolute transparency in its operations, as well as publishing all technical, administrative, and financial reports on the websites. BOD will also ensure all financial and technical information related to the institution are available, as well as the information about programs. We will also commit to holding periodic sessions to all the concerned to discuss our work and its impact, in addition to our commitment to achieving all we promised. We the members, employees, volunteers, and partners will avoid participating or existing at any place or in any case with any suspicion of corruption.