Reinforce The Role Of Women In Leadership Positions In Promoting National Integrity Values

Project Objective:
Intensify the national efforts by the bodies active in the public, private, and academic sectors to support women assume leadership positions to reinforce the values of national integrity.

Work Method:
The project is based on a number of activities based on the method of interactive dialogue, where 75 women from the different sectors will be invited to discuss the challenges faced in each sector.

The project will be implemented through conducting three discussion sessions on the sectoral level in the kingdom, according to the following:

  1. Public Sector: Invite 25 women from the different public service sectors, to talk about corruption risks on women in their respective sectors, such as appointments through the civil service system, promotions, and incentives.
  2. Academic Sector: Invite 25 women from the academic sector to talk about corruption risks in their sector, such as promotions, financing research, admission and registration, and students’ evaluation.
  3. Private Sector:Invite 25 women from the private sector to talk about corruption risks in their sector, related to procurement, licensing, employment, and bribery.

Such discussions aim to go over the challenges facing women in the areas of integrity in their sectors, and exchange experiences and suggestions for addressing these challenges, and arrive at the desired results, to be adopted by the related bodies.

Outputs and results:

  1. Involve women leaders from the public, private, and academic sectors in setting policies and strategies that aim to overcome obstacles, to reinforce integrity on the national sectoral level.
  2. Form a network of women on the national level that is concerned with spreading awareness among women on transparency and integrity.
  3. Conduct advocacy campaigns to reinforce the role of women in spreading integrity values.
  4. Contribute in forming a new network in the Arab area, that aims to emphasize the role of women in reinforcing the integrity system in the Middle East.
  5. Establish a national and regional network of women leaders in the public, private, and academic sectors, under the name “Women Network for Integrity in the Middle East”.
  6. Provide recommendations for each sector, and conduct an advocacy campaign to include these recommendations to the policies and strategies related to reinforcing integrity and anti-corruption, “Sectoral Advertisements on the National and Regional Level”.